7 Reasons Why Coffee Machines Are Good For Business

Many small businesses come face to face with customers daily or have people spending relatively long periods of time with them such as hairdressers, gyms, retail stores, car dealerships, service centres, builder’s merchants, clinics, advice centres and so on.

A great way to build company reputation is to make sure you have coffee and other hot drinks available for your customers. It delivers a clear message you care for you customers and have their best interests at heart. The smell of fresh coffee has calming properties and creates a happy and pleasant atmosphere. A happy customer is more likely to become a repeat customer.

When employees are involved, most companies strive to create the best environment they can for their workforce to flourish and coffee can play a huge part in this process. So how can a Café Lavista coffee machine help?

1. Reduces lost work time

So much time is lost throughout the working day with staff popping out getting coffee from the local coffee shop or going to the office kitchen to make it. By the time they return from the high street or the kettle boils and the coffees are made, 15 or 20 minutes may have elapsed. Throw in a bit of gossip time and well you get the idea.

A Café Lavista Piccola drinks station is the ideal solution to this problem. A quick visit to the machine will vend the perfect drink of choice in under a minute and staff will be back at their desks in a jiffy!

2. Improved productivity

Everyone knows the need to take short breaks in order to be more productive. Refreshments such as coffee and hot chocolate act as a pick-me-up that can revive flagging spirits. The occasional short break to enjoy a hot drink can also boost productivity. Many studies into workplace drinks have demonstrated they can help in reducing stress, refocussing the mind and returning staff to a positive frame of mind. A quick coffee break can help improve staff satisfaction, making them more alert, motivated, and productive throughout the working day.

3. Keeps your employees healthy

Coffee is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that boost health and wellbeing. Much has also been written about how coffee can also lessen the risk of certain diseases including diabetes. Numerous studies have linked the consumption of caffeine to increased metabolic activity. It should come as no surprise that most commercial fat burning supplements contain caffeine. While the metabolic impact of caffeine may not be enough to eat away at our excess fat, it doesn’t hurt to know that your body is burning fat at a higher rate as you sit at your desk drinking that cup of coffee.

4. Improved working atmosphere

It’s a known fact that coffee machines create sociable situations and a more relaxed working environment. The mood in the workplace impacts staff morale and motivation. In addition, coffee has a strong stimulant that fights off sluggishness, heightens mental alertness and boosts endurance. Overall communication can be improved in the workplace thanks to the humble coffee machine.

5. A staff perk

Offering work benefits is a great way to help retain staff loyalty and providing hot beverages for free is a great benefit for your staff. Most people would agree that benefits such as free coffee show that an employer is concerned about the welfare of their staff and wants to keep the working environment a comfortable place to be.

6. Creates a good impression

A Café Lavista Piccola Drinks station is the perfect complimentary brand for your business. Associating yourself with a leading coffee brand ensures your business create a lasting impression with staff and customers.

7.Reward quality with quality

We all expect quality results from employees and that’s why it’s important to give them quality too. The old saying is applicable today as it has always been. You only get back what you put in. When you install a Café Lavista Coffee station in the office you will quickly notice employees feel appreciated and cared for and will return their very best efforts which ultimately benefits your company.

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