The Home Based Business Opportunity from Cafelavista

For various reasons working from home is the new normal, and because of this, it’s not easy to find a home based business opportunity that allows you to truly work from home, invest and get a return from month one.

Introducing the home-based business opportunity from Cafelaviasta, a hands-off franchise that is taking the franchise industry by storm, with great reviews from the franchisees and an endorsement, your next business opportunity is just a click away.

Cafelavista is not a cafe franchise, and there’s no shop front involved or staff to worry about and no washing up to do. In comparison, the coffee industry is one of the few sectors that remain buoyant regardless of the economy.

It’s a fact; people love coffee, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. Let’s take a detailed look at the franchise opportunity from Cafelevista.

Cafelavista the Home Based Business Opportunity

Home Based Business Opportunity

Here’s the lowdown – Cafelavista investment opportunities give you the chance to work from home and invest in top of the range coffee machines that deliver hand-roasted beans to cup coffee available for consumption in the workplace or leisure facility.

The concept is as follows – you purchase one or more machines from Cafelavista, and then you rent the coffee machines back to Vista Rental Ltd, Cafelavista’s sister company for placement.

Vista Rental Ltd places the coffee machine with a client on your behalf and pays you a monthly fixed income payment of £70 per month for each coffee machine you own, amounting to £5,040 over six years for each machine you own.

You pay £3000 plus VAT for each machine, and this is your investment in the Cafelavista Franchise. The good news doesn’t stop there; in addition to the six-year rental income you get paid, you will also receive an annual ingredients bonus payment – the ingredients are the coffee beans and other branded ingredients and sundries. The bonus payment is £200 and is paid annually for each machine you own.

It’s a great concept, and what’s more, at the end of six years, Vista Rentals LTD will buy back the machine from you in a balloon payment of £300 per machine. By doing this, Vista Rentals LTD took away the problem of what to do with a six-year-old industrial coffee machine.

How Much Does the Home Based Opportunity Cost?
By combining your rental income, ingredients bonus and balloon payment, the income you generate on your first machine equates to a total of £6,840 against an initial investment of £3,000, a six-year gain of £3,840*. (128.00% over 6 years / average 21.33% per annum).

The more coffee machines you purchase, the higher your return, as the figures quoted are based on just one machine. The hands-off approach means once you have purchased your coffee machines, you don’t have any further involvement in the day to day events; the Cafelavista team does everything for you.

Each coffee machine is placed on your behalf in a safe business location such as a gym, hairdresser, private doctor’s waiting room or even a car showroom. The coffee machines are installed and maintained by professional engineers. Meanwhile, the Cafelavista’s customer services team are there to look after you by making sure you receive your monthly income and answer any questions.

Cafelavista has thought of everything; the coffee and hot chocolate are delicious. The coffee machines are attractive, designed to fit into small spaces, the cups and sundries all have matching branding; it’s the attention to detail that makes this opportunity different from others.

Cafelavista and Vista Rentals prove that working from home is a viable option, with excellent Trustpilot reviews and such positive customer feedback, there’s no time like the present to invest in your future and become your own boss.

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